Smart Cleaners System Video Help
Customer Menu
The Customer Menu contains information like: View/edit records; Customer List; and more. There are reports specific to a customer. To view the video help for the customer menu, select Customer Menu from above. 
Inventory Menu
Under the Inventory menu, you will be able to view physical on hand inventory, You will find functions designed to help you monitor and validate inventory.
Billing Menu
The Billing menu is where you manage a charge customers account, print an individual statement, print all statement, or view aging reports.
Management Menu
The management menu is where you handle most all things manager/owner related. For example: sales and marketing report; clerk info and time cards; items and prices; security functions.
Markin Order
How to create new orders.
Pickup Order  
How to pickup an order.
How to handle computer issues like: PCanywhere; Start the Smart System, and Registration Number.
How to setup and manage a delivery system.